Boho meets Lavender Styled Shoot in Daylesford

We felt so grateful to have recently been asked to take part in a styled bridal shoot that saw us in the company of a powerhouse and passionate team of bridal experts from Melbourne’s beloved wedding precinct: Sydney Road.

For those who don’t know, styled shoots, also known as inspiration shoots, are a big hit in the online bridal publication sphere. The shoots see a collective group of vendors coming together to produce beautifully styled mock weddings.

Essentially, the idea behind it is to showcase the talents and skills of the vendors involved and to give them an outlet to challenge their creativity and to share it with the world and inspire future couples along the way! As soon as we were told of this, we knew we had to be a part of it.

We could’ve never imagined the end result would turn out as magical as it did, but that’s what makes our job so humbling – to put everything we have into bringing someone’s vision to life and to look back on the long hours we’ve put in to see the works of art we’ve created and captured.

The shoot saw us taking to the lovely lavender field at Sault in Daylesford and despite it being a lengthy day out in the heat, we loved every single moment of it all thanks to the sensational and supportive team we worked alongside.

We tried to keep the posed photographs to a minimum, aiming for a more natural look where our models realistically portrayed their love. Throughout the day, there was a lot of fun and humour shared which contributed to making the couple relaxed and comfortable behind the camera.

For us, a highlight of the day was having children on set and capturing images of them because they provoked a lot of laughter and joy. Another favourite of ours was eating all of the cakes – we can say that they tasted just as delicious as they looked!


We truthfully believe it’s so important to genuinely enjoy the work you do and despite how hard and exhausting it gets, you have to stay committed because the finished result and impact of your work will be nothing short of rewarding.

We can look back on this day and confidently say that something so beautiful and breathtaking came out of working as a team and surrounding ourselves with individuals who understand the very definition of putting your heart and soul into your work.