Romance Is Not Dead

We absolutely love working on styled shoots and this one we hold close to our heart because we were able to plan and visualise the concept ourselves and bring it to life thanks to the beyond amazing team we had the honour to work with. We pictured something that exuded a soft, romantic, French-inspired and vintage feel.

The main inspiration for this shoot came from our love for each other as husband and wife. We love to capture expressions of love and romance as much as we can for we feel it’s something that’s truly missing from today’s world. Because of that, we wanted to create something that reflects the importance of the small gestures and details that make us feel safe and loved amongst today’s craziness.

At the heart of this shoot, we wanted to tell a story from our side of the lens. We wanted to capture the special little moments that happen in the lead up the big wedding day which is what inspired our “Breakfast In Bed” shoot and the “Outdoor Romance” scene showing the couple’s warm embrace and intimate connection.

The scene begins with the glowing and blushing bride waking up to a thoughtful breakfast from her lover, accompanied by a love letter asking for her to meet him outside in the garden. She meets him just at the right moment – just as he has his guitar out and is ready to serenade her.


The couple then embrace their love over a romantic outdoor high tea set up. The colour palette made up of blushing pinks, pure whites and rich greenery was to stay true to our exquisitely wistful theme.

An important part of this shoot, as always, was working as a team and it was so heartwarming for us to see everyone bond with one another and take the initiative to help us set up each scene as it was one big ongoing cycle – as one scene was shooting, team members would immediately start preparing the next and it continued and flowed so well and seamlessly.

Our elegant shoot united a community of creative vendors at the crack of dawn so that we could beautifully capture the couple intimately locking eyes as the sun was literally rising. 

In pure harmony, our vision to create something that showcased sheer beauty and elegance was perfectly paired with our location, Mont Du Soleil. Located in the heart of the Victorian Ranges, it is heavily inspired by the grounds of Italy and France, thus radiating an effortlessly Victorian feel and ageless ambience. We loved that it reminded us of Europe as that’s the kind of style and atmosphere we envisioned.  

The wide-open space giving way to breathtaking views, the light coral walls beautifully contrasted with baby blue windows, the antique gold detailed panels throughout the graceful OId-Aged rooms and washed out décor, really gave in to our overall vision of dreamy and melancholy romanticism.

We honestly couldn’t have done this without our truly talented team who worked exceptionally well individually as well as together!